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"It's time to Retake and Rebuild Illinois for the people" 

“I will fight to clean up springfield so that Illinois puts working families first. Too many of our friends and neighbors are being forced to leave because of bad Democrat policies and mismanagement, we cannot wait any longer.”

Welcome to Joshua Alvarado for Illinois Senate, 27th District. Joshua is a Conservative Republican who wants to give you the representation that you deserve. For far too long, the career politicians have neglected and lied to Illinois residents. They have become beholden to the lobbyists and money. The people have been forgotten. Inflation is on the rise and recession will set in more severe than any point in American history. With prices going up, there is no relief in sight yet these politicians who ask us to vote for them and trust them raise our taxes time and time again. Senior citizens and the disabled are most affected because of their set budgets. As the price of food and medications rise, they have no recourse. They cannot work to provide more income. They have to make a choice between paying the rent or eating and living! We cannot allow this to happen, and that is why Joshua is running to make that change. To be your voice. To represent your needs and give the representation that you deserve. It's about the future of our children. We are in a fight for them!

Joshua Alvarado is running because here at our home, our local government has tried to tell us we have little to no rights over our bodies for the last 2 years, and or they told us we had to stay home for our “safety” and he wants to ensure that does not happen again. These unlawful mandates issued by the government contributed to the fallout that exists in Illinois now. Too many of our family and friends have fled Illinois because of the shutdowns, loss of jobs and over regulation. Businesses also fled for economic relief. Illinois has the highest tax rates in the nation and because of that, Illinois is not business-friendly. Too many companies have shut down and thousands were left jobless. No tax revenue is fueling the Illinois economy. Illinois is broke and on the verge of bankruptcy. Our pensions will soon collapse. Joshua has a plan to revitalize Illinois. To restart our economy. To bring the companies and jobs back. To provide better healthcare. To care for our seniors and youth. To represent the veterans giving the help they need. To combat crime and bring justice to those criminals that disregard our laws. 

Our children are under attack. With social activism being pushed to our young children. “Our schools belong to the families here in our communities, they do not belong to Springfield. They do not belong to JB Pritzker. We as parents in our communities know what is best for our children. We do not want our children taught Critical Race Theory or social-emotional learning or whatever name it's been hidden as this week. I know if I was taught this toxic mentality when I was a child. I would have never succeeded and gotten this far in my life. Furthermore, I would not be standing here in front of you as a Retired US Army Sergeant First Class that is now running for Illinois’ 27th Senate district. If I was taught that I could not succeed because I was born disadvantaged because of the color of my skin, all I would have done in life is feel bad for myself and then hold and build resentment towards others that did nothing to me. That is not a good or healthy way to live. Our communities demand our schools and teachers concentrate on teaching students reading, writing, and STEM. So that when they are grown they can work to make our once great state, a place our grandkids will grow up in, not run away from.”

Support Joshua on his mission to represent you and your children. It starts with your vote. Illinois stands as the pillar of freedom in America. Let us have that greatness we had once before. Let us provide a future to our children, so they can be free from our debts, so they can have a more productive economic future!

Joshua Alvarado—Candidate

Illinois Senate 27

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