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Meet Joshua

My name is Sergeant First Class Retired Joshua Alvarado, and I am a US Army and Iraq War Veteran. I am a proud Hispanic American. My family came to this country for opportunities, and America opened many doors for a chance to work and raise a family. I carried on those traditional values, never forgetting where we came from. America is a nation of second chances. To afford the right for an individual to explore America and get an education and pursue their dreams. After my education, that is why I served. Joining the military, I followed in the footsteps of noble warriors that fought for the freedom we have today. I felt it was only right that I contributed to the security of this great nation, so my family can breathe American freedom. After my military service, I returned home to Illinois. I spent part of my childhood in Rolling Meadows and continue to live there. Like many veterans, I wanted to settle down and raise a family and work hard to provide them a future. I became a small business owner that operates a video production company with a studio that works with other conservatives. I also work in the real estate field.

I am the father of 4, one handsome boy, and 3 beautiful girls. Furthermore, I want to raise my children in Illinois, at schools that are free from CRT, and not try to sexualize them. Our children are innocent. They should be free from activist influence. That is why I became the co-founder of the activist group Illinois Standing Against Tyranny, which, for over a year and a half, has been fighting to restore our freedoms from the tyrants in control of our local government. I have been working with other conservative candidates doing pro bono work for them to help restore our once great state to its former glory. It is up to us to make that change working together to restore our conservative values. I believe in protecting the babies. Abortion is wrong and life is precious and should be protected. We are a nation of laws created under God. Our founding fathers had a plan for this nation to operate without invading the people's individual rights. I swore to protect and defend the constitution with my life. To protect the 2nd  Amendment and other rights that we have. To defend freedom!

I look forward to meeting many of you, so you can hear my message and plan. I promise you this.
Furthermore, I will be your voice. The voice for the forgotten ones. I'm here to give you that shot for a better life. Give Illinois a chance because new leaders are stepping up to represent your needs. Support my mission today. Thank you!


Joshua Alvarado
Candidate for Illinois Senate 27





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